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Civil War Dog Tags
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This Civil War ID tag is meant to be a replica. There is no intention to pass it off as a Civil War souvenir or relic.

You can engrave anything you want on the tags, there is no specific format you must use.

This civil war dog tag is made of Copper and comes with a military stainless steel necklace chain (Yes we know thse chains are not the ones they used then). We just don't have cordage or leather in the shop.

These civil war dog tags come with custom engraving on the backside of the same tag for you.

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Civil war id tags are great to add to your collection of military dog tags.

Civil War Dog Tag size is 1-3/8 tall. Made of heavy gauge copper, about as tick as a nickel.

The copper is not lacquered, so they will tarnish and patina. They may have even have fingerprints on them from manufacturing. They will color nicely with age, use or wear.

Borrowed from Wikipedia:
During the American Civil War of 1861-1865, some soldiers pinned paper notes with their name and home address to the backs of their coats. Other soldiers stencilled identification on their knapsacks or scratched it in the soft lead backing of the Army belt buckle.

Manufacturers of identification badges recognized a market and began advertising in periodicals. Their pins were usually shaped to suggest a branch of service and engraved with soldier's name and unit. Machine-stamped tags were also made of brass or lead with a hole and usually had (on one side) an eagle or shield and such phrases as "War for the Union" or "Liberty, Union, and Equality." The other side had the soldier's name and unit and sometimes a list of battles in which he had participated.

A New Yorker named John Kennedy wrote to the U.S. Army in 1862, offering to furnish discs for all officers and men in the Federal Army, enclosing a design for the disc. The National Archives now has the letter along with the reply, a summary refusal without explanation.



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