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Welcome to Dog Tag Store!

Welcome to Dog Tag Store we carry a variety of items such as Military Dog Tags, Custom Engraved Dog Tags, Medical Dog Tags, Canadian Dog Tags, Military Uniform Nameplates, Pet Tags - Pet ID Tags, Dogtags, and more.

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Military Dog Tags
Military Dog Tags
Custom dog tags for military or personal use. Dog tags for a necklace, luggage tag, runners id, campers identification and much more.
Medical Dog Tags
Alert medics about your medical conditions & medications. In case of an emergency alert those around you of your medical needs
Engraved Dog Tags
engraved dog tags
Hundreds of designs to choose from. Military and non military designs. Customized message on the back for free.
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Canadian Military
Canadain Military dog tags
Identity Disc Canadian dog tags. CDN Forces dog tags. We carry Aluminum and Stainless Steel discs. Custom made with your information.
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Medical Wallet Card
Alert medics with this metal medical wallet card engraved with your medical conditions. 7 Lines of text on the front & backside of card. Comes with a free medical dog tag.
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Military Bracelets

military bracelets
Custom made bracelets. These bracelets are great as POW/MIA remembrance bracelets. Custom bracelets for friendship, medical bracelet and more.
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KIA Bracelets
Bracelets made for fallen soldiers by family members
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Pet Dog Tags
pet dog tags
Pets wander off. Give them a way to find home! Sturdy Aluminum pet tags engraved with your information. Don't let your pet outside without this tag on.
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P38 Can Opener

P-38 Folding Pocket Can Opener. Same ones used by GI's. Get yours today for your key ring or to hang on your dog tags.
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Spare Parts
dog tag accessories
Spare parts for dog tags. Chains, Silencers and add ons. Changing your silencers can add a new look to your dog tags.
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Gadsen Dog Tags
civil war dog tags
Tea Party Coin engrave 4 lines of information on the back.
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Team Tags
team tags
Team tags are custom made with up to 2 letters or numbers with your name or team name as shown.
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Sports / Club Tags
sports tags
Personalized sport tags. Select your sport and put your team's name or school name on the tag. Year or jersey number on the bottom.
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Military Nameplates

military nameplates
Military name plates. Custom made fast shipping! Great prices. Air Force metal nameplates.
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Israeli Dog Tags
israeli dog tags
Israeli dog tags Custom made with your information
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Civil War Dog Tags
civil war dog tags
This Civil War dog tag is meant to be a replica. There is no intention to pass it off as a Civil War souvenir or relic. Civil War dog tags add to your collection.
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kia military bracelets
KIA Military Bracelets

p38 can opener
Military P38 Can Opener Tool